How is a breast cyst treated

 How is a breast cyst treated

The presence of a cyst in the breast generally does not require treatment, because in most cases, it is a benign disorder that does not affect the health of the woman.  However, it is common for the gynecologist to choose to follow up with the woman to see if the cyst grows or produces any type of symptoms.

How is a breast cyst treated

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 In the event that the cyst increases in size or presents any other alteration, the doctor may suspect malignancy and may request an aspiration of the cyst, this in order to evaluate the fluid sample in the laboratory to confirm the presence of cancer cells.

How to track

 After identifying the presence of a cyst in the breast, it is common for the gynecologist to order several follow-up visits and perform mammography and ultrasound examinations every 6 or 12 months.  These examinations allow to evaluate if over time there are changes in the cyst, especially in size, shape, density or if any associated symptoms have arisen.

 When to suction

 Aspiration is a relatively simple procedure in which the doctor inserts a needle through the skin to the cyst, once there he aspirates the fluid.  This is usually done when a malignancy is suspected or when the cyst is causing discomfort in the woman or causing symptoms to appear.

 Depending on the characteristics of the aspirated fluid, additional tests may or may not be required:

 Fluid without blood and the cyst disappears - usually no further examination or treatment is required;

 Fluid with blood and the cyst that does not go away: Malignancy may be suspected, so the doctor sends a sample of the liquid to the laboratory.

 There is no fluid leakage: the doctor may order further tests or a biopsy of the solid part of the cyst to assess the risk of cancer.

 After aspiration, the doctor may recommend that the woman use pain relievers to reduce pain and recommend rest for about 2 days.

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