Vary sports: what effects on my body?

 Vary sports: what effects on my body?

More and more runners are combining yoga with their running practice. Like other sports associations, the "yoga-running" combo makes it possible to avoid falling into a "sports routine", but also to multiply the benefits for the body. Discover the good reasons for adopting the "mix and match" trend.


Combining physical activities is good, even without being a great athlete. It constitutes a parade of weariness. Like a menu displaying one and the same dish on the menu, the single activity ends up weakening your motivation. Conversely, changing sports allows you to keep your desire to surpass yourself: "For people who take up sport, having a diversified physical activity is a motivating factor, recognizes Dr Roland Krzentowski, sports doctor, physical medicine and rehabilitation center and president of Mon Stade, a healthy sports center in Paris. To move, you have to find a little fun and diversity allows you to appreciate and perpetuate physical activity. "

Combine activities for a better prepared body

Anti-monotony tip, these "combos" also bring benefits to your body. Adding other disciplines allows you to prepare your body for its favorite activity by pushing it to develop the necessary physical qualities.

Like professional athletes who undergo physical preparation, athletes who diversify their training move better and thus secure their sporting practice. "If we start a sport and we do not give ourselves the means to practice it or that we do not have the capacity to do so then we increase the risk of injury",  confirms Dr Roland Krzentowski.

Match activities to improve physical condition

More broadly, a varied sports routine will boost your physical condition and multiply "the benefits of activity" according to the specialist. " The more disciplines we do, the more the body becomes harmonious", confirms Frédéric Paupert, sports coach and co-founder of Work out and detox in Paris. "Diversity makes sense because each activity can complement the other," adds the sports doctor.

For example, cardiorespiratory capacities (better breath, better cardio endurance, etc.), muscular qualities (mass, power or muscle strength) will be developed more quickly, or we will gain flexibility or balance. This better physical condition will also improve your performance.

Mix "fun" activities

It remains to choose the right sports associations… Concretely, how do we do it? There is no intangible manual for "pluriactivity" (and that's good!).

First reflex to keep in mind: we move towards sports that make us want to, at the risk of giving up quickly. The sports doctor suggests including in the list "activities that teach the fundamentals of" movement ", namely mastery of posture, breathing and balance".

"Yoga and Pilates are two activities which bring together these three performance indicators and which will benefit the athlete", according to Dr Roland Krzentowski. For example, a runner can be tempted by the trend of yoga + running or the combination of Pilates + running. "These activities will help you have a stable and strong core, control your posture and have strong abs and lumbar muscles, which are essential for safe running. Similarly, yoga or Pilates do not have the same. cardio effects than running. Combining them therefore makes sense ", explains Dr Roland Krzentowski.

Examples of "sports combos"

If running or yoga are not your "cup of tea", Frédéric Paupert slips a broader advice to compose his sports grub: 1 cardio sport + 1 muscle strengthening session +1 gentle gym session. "An ideal routine for aging well and being on top," says the coach, who advises doing at least one session each week. "One cardio session (running, swimming or cycling for example) per week will work the heart, a muscle strengthening session (weight training, gluteal abs classes, etc.) will strengthen the muscles, joints and abdominal strap and a weekly session of gentle gym (yoga, Pilates, stretching, Qi gong, etc.) will develop joint flexibility ".

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